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Working visit minister Liesje Schreinemacher, ONL and VIVO at Ridam

9 mei 2022

Today ONL chairman Hans Biesheuvel and ONL relationship manager Frederique Biesheuvel were on a working visit with minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation Liesje Schreinemacher to Ridam in Breukelen.

Ridam is affiliated with VIVO, the Association of Importers of the Far East. Its chairman Peter van Beek was also present.

In that capacity, the minister honoured the VIVO with a working visit to reiterate key points of the EU IMVO rules.

In this regard, VIVO is still striving to establish a rule that not all sensitive business information must be disclosed to our clients.
It happens too often that our clients make use of the data that we have had to provide under the guise of due diligence.
The VIVO board is still working on setting up a scheme that is legally supported and in line with OECD rules.