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May 27, 2024

On the Monday after Accountability Day, the House of Representatives has organized the so-called V-100 annually since 2017.

The V stands for ‘Accountability’ and the number 100 stands for the hundred citizens who are invited by the House to critically examine the annual reports of the ministers. The purpose of the V-100 is to involve citizens directly in the House’s supervisory task. That day, the participants in the V-100 will have the opportunity to come up with questions about the annual reports of the ministries, based on themes pre-selected by the House.

This year the V-100 will take place on Monday, May 27. The theme is ‘Dealing with sudden scarcity and uncertainties’. On this day, the House of Representatives invites SME entrepreneurs to look at the annual reports.

Ridam has been assigned to the group that will examine the topic ‘Corporate Social Responsibility: Consequences of proposed European International Corporate Social Responsibility legislation for SMEs’ (Ministry of Foreign Affairs).