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Ridam Care IFS Broker certified

February 6, 2020

IFS Broker is a certification system that ensures the safety of products within companies that only buy products, do not come into contact with the products themselves and deliver them directly to their customers. The IFS Broker is increasingly being imposed to guarantee the food safety of products in these companies. The IFS Broker is a certification standard that ensures the safety of products at companies that never come into contact with these products.

Why IFS Broker?
In 2010, the International Featured Standards (IFS) – Broker was developed by the IFS organization. The standard is intended for trading companies, importers, without their own logistics and storage. The so-called “brokers”. The IFS did not yet have a certification standard, while these brokers are requested by their customers to obtain an IFS certificate. The IFS broker is intended to make a suitable supplier choice and control of risks in the purchased materials demonstrable. The standard is based on the IFS Food Standard and the experience gained from supplier audits in the retail trade.

View the certificate here.