• April 2016 – Ridam Sweets now distributes OneGum – the new energy gum!

    OneGum is an energy gum:

    The perfect energy boost to help you get by your day!

  • Ridam Sweets distributor of Pop’ums, the healthy snack.

    Ridam Sweets is now distributor of the healthy snacks from Pop’ums.

    Pop’Ums – The Natural Popped Potato Snack

    No matter at what occasion, as a snack between meals, as a
    treat or for having a good time with the family or friends,

    With Pop ‘Ums you have always the right offer.

    Our chips are light and crispy.

  • Ridam supports enterprising people in developing countries (december 2014)

    Besides realizing our objectives, we find it extremely
    important as a company to be involved and work for
    a better world. Therefore, we choose as company ambassador to support the work of Oxfam Novib.


Our Christmas range also includes many different confectionery and chocolate products. This season is extremely suitable for a children’s segment, with chocolate baubles that could be used to decorate the tree. The luxury segment, with boxes of mixed chocolate beans for example, is equally indispensible at Christmas.



A range of confectionery products, such as fondant eggs and chocolate Easter Bunnies are available. Colours are important during this season, and Ridam Sweets is able to respond flexibly to your colour requirements.



During the Saint-Nicholas period, Ridam Sweets offers a varied range of products, including the familiar fondant mice & frogs, but also cream and fruit fondant. There are also many composite products that are suitable for children (and their shoes!).