Over the past few years contact lens usage has become more and more popular and the knowledge and expertise in this field continued to grow accordingly. Still there are two main types of lenses to be distinguished: hard and soft.

Both kinds of lenses are vulnerable to contamination by bacteria, fungus and proteins and therefore must be cleaned and well taken care of, in order to prevent problems that may occur to the eyes and the lenses itself.

Therefore Ridam Care offers a full range of products for contact lens users, ranging from lens cleaning and maintenance products to eye drops for the care of the eyes itself. All these products are of the highest technical level and are produced with modern materials, according to the latest levels of research and development.

Because these products belong to the category of medical aids, CE-certification was required. Ridam acquired this standard, which complies with the strictest European safety and quality regulations.

The eye care products are supplied under private label, but Ridam also has its own brand, Bright Eyes©. Both neutral and Bright Eyes branded products are presented in this show case.

  • Ridam Care official distributor of Pjur Active 2skin

    From 2017 Ridam Care will be official distributor of Pjur Active 2skin for the Netherlands and Belgium

  • Ridam Care is today IFS Broker certified

    Ridam Care is today IFS Broker certified, the audit was performed by TUV Nord.

  • Ridam Care launches cosmetics webshop

    Ridam Care launches cosmetics webshop in the Benelux

Disinfectant formula

Disinfection Liquid (step 1) kills microbes on lenses. Suitable for soft lenses.

To be used in combination with a liquid containing the neutralization cleaning substance neutralizes hydrogen peroxide (step 2).

Neutralising formula

Neutralising formula (step 2) contains a catalase for removing the hydrogen peroxide in the disinfecting formula, after killing microbes on the lenses.

Suitable for soft lenses.

The catalase in the formula is obtained through biomechanical engineering, contrary to many other formulas.

All-in-one formula

All-In-One formula contains both a cleaner as well as a maintenance formula.

It contains less aggressive substances and is available for soft and hard lenses.

Contact lens solution

Contact lens solution contains synthetic soaps to dissolve fat and mucus.

It is a suitable cleaner for hard lenses.

Conditioning and moistening formula

Conditioning and Moistening Formula for disinfecting and conditioning contact lenses during storage.

The formula is also very suitable for moistening when inserting the lenses.

For hard lenses.

Eye drops

Bright Eyes eye drops have a refreshing and soothing effect. It works well for irritated, dry and weary eyes.

Also very suitable as lubrication formula for all types of lenses.

Contact lenses

The lenses through which Ridam Care on the market are strict compliance with all legal requirements and carry the CE mark.

Type: 3-montly lenses Type: 1-montly lenses Type: Dayly lenses
Material: HEMA/GMMA Material: HEMA/GMMA Material: HEMA/GMMA
Water content: 38% Water content: 55% Water content: 58%
BC: 8.6mm BC: 8.6mm BC: 8.6mm
DIA: 14.0 mm DIA: 14.2 mm DIA: 14.2 mm

Colored lenses

Ridam Care provides several variations of colored lenses.

Type: Colour lenses (3-tone)
Material: Poly Macon
Water content: 38%
BC: 8.6mm
DIA: 14.0 mm
Dioptrien: Plano (0.00)
Various colors